The prize figure of the famous American lottery has reached 1 billion dollars. Now the lottery prize is 3 thousand billion tomans for one person, which is a very significant figure.

The lottery prize known as Mega Millions in the United States has now reached one billion dollars, so that with this figure, it ranks second in the list of the most valuable prizes in the history of the American lottery.

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3 thousand billion tomans for one person

The prize figure is so impressive that some lottery participants told Reuters that they would be willing to quit their jobs and donate money to charity and shopping if they won. The winning number in this competition is 302575350.

3 billion tomans for one person!  The famous American lottery reached 1 billion dollars

Of course, the US lottery prize record is $1.586 billion, which was recorded in 2016. Friday’s lottery comes as NBC interviewed a group of financial experts about the ramifications of winning big lottery prizes and got some interesting comments. For example, Jim Shagawat, a financial planner, says:

You probably assume that money will make you happy and solve all your problems. But money doesn’t do that. [پول] It can drive a wedge between friends and family.

Another expert, Paul Golden, spokesman for a financial education institute, says: “When you get a large amount of money, especially when it comes to paying a billion dollars, there is a perception that ‘I have a large margin of safety.’ Also, the person thinks that “I will never have to worry about money again”. In fact, the story is completely the opposite. “You have to worry about money a lot more than you used to.”

According to him, lottery winners experience different emotions, including excitement, fear, stress and anxiety. David Lee Edwards, who has a history of addiction, won a $27 million lottery prize in 2001. After buying a house, a car and other expensive things, he fell into the trap of addiction again, this time with his wife, and was arrested several times for carrying drugs. He lost all his capital in a few years.

Andrew Jack Whittaker is another lottery winner who won $315 million in 2002. He went bankrupt soon after and lost all his money. He also faced several lawsuits, one of which was due to his $1.5 million debt to a casino.

Another unlucky 2013 lottery winner was Willie Seeley, who won $450 million. He says that he has experienced many unfortunate events after winning the lottery. He gave a lot of help to his family members and quickly lost his money. Experts believe that lottery winners tend to make sudden financial decisions.

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