The revelation of 20:30 news about the BTS group has received a lot of attention on social media and has had a wide response. Continue with this article to explore more about this issue.

The film released from the 20:30 news report of Iran’s Two TV channel about the spread of K-pop music and the increasing number of BTS fans and the virtual activities of BTS armies in the virtual space has been widely reflected on Instagram.

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A part of the 20:30 news report about BTS and their many fans in Iran is being published on social networks, and it was accompanied by many reactions and became the topic of the day in the virtual space, including Instagram and Twitter.

20:30 news disclosure about the BTS group; A movie that every army should see!

In this video, which was republished from 203 News, the factors of success and progress of K-Pop, as well as the high popularity of Korean music groups, including BTS, are examined.

The twenty-thirty news section aired an extensive report about the BTS music group called Soghat Farhanari Sharq on Channel Two TV and prepared a report about the spread of K-pop music in Iran and the increase of their fans among Iranian teenagers and young people, and the facts and The reason for the popularity and millions of fans of this music group has challenged, which is interesting and spectacular in its own way.

Traveling to South Korea and attending a BTS concert or continuing education in this country has become part of the goals of K-pop fans, and they try to make their lifestyle similar to that of the BTS singers.

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Of course, a campaign to hold a BTS concert in Iran was recently organized by the army and fans of this group in the virtual space, and now at 20:30 he has prepared a report about these 7 popular Korean boys and K-pop music, which you can see in the video below:

Most of the BTS fans are teenagers from the eighties and young people, and their biggest wish is to study in Korea and travel to South Korea and participate in a BTS concert. They also undergo surgery to look like one of the BTS singers.

The Korean group BTS, which was founded in 2009, consists of seven members who were all teenagers when the group was formed. This group has been able to record many successes and gained a lot of fame at the global level. BTS has earned more than a billion dollars through content they upload online and album sales.

It should be noted that currently the BTS group has temporarily separated and is working separately, and some singers have released a concert and a song on their own. Of course, the breakup of the BTS group has upset many of their fans and it is not clear when the group will get back together.

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