13-year-old hacker Karaji He was arrested after emptying 230,000 bank accounts. It is said that this young hacker stole about 1 billion tomans.

The 13-year-old hacker of Karaji, as a result of multiple investigations by the police, After 1 billion Tomans property theft, arrested. This young hacker had hacked 230 thousand bank accounts of different people. After the investigation, the police finally reached the hideout of the culprit and discovered several items of electronic equipment. It is said that more than 3,433 people are plaintiffs in this case.

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13-year-old hacker Karaji hacked 230 thousand bank accounts

Alborz police chief said: “A 13-year-old youth who used Telegram bots to defraud more than 230,000 people was arrested in Nazarabad city of this province.”

Abbas Ali Mohammadian stated:

Following the referral of several cases of internet fraud and unauthorized withdrawals from citizens’ accounts through contaminated links of judicial notification SMS, the investigation of the matter was specially ordered by the experts of Fata province police.

13-year-old hacker Karaji

He added: “After the specialized checks of the electronic equipment of the lost property, the officers realized that these people were transferred to fake portals and their accounts were emptied through the fraudulent text messages of legal notices, through the malware installed on their mobile phones. A significant number of judicial text messages have also been sent to other citizens.

The police commander of Alborz province noted:

By carrying out specialized investigations and using technical and intelligence measures, the agents identified the 13-year-old fraudster of this case and by identifying his hiding place in Nazarabad city, they arrested him in coordination with the judicial authority.

Referring to the discovery of the electronic equipment used in the defendant’s fraud from his hiding place, Mohammadian added: “In further investigation, it was found that the 13-year-old professional fraudster stole the account information of more than 234 thousand bank accounts and so far 3 thousand 433 complainants All over the country have been identified regarding this case.

He said:

The value of the fraud committed by this defendant is estimated at around 10 billion Rials.

He reminded: “Investigations regarding this case are continuing to identify the property of the possible losers.”

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