The data show that atrium hash rates have dropped by more than 10 percent in recent months, largely due to declining mining profits.

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According to CryptoQuant analytics data, factors such as price reductions Atrium And the process of integrating these cryptocurrencies in the future will force some miners to turn off their rig mining devices.

What is an atrium hash rate?

ETH hash is an indicator by which the computing power connected to the atrium network is measured. In general, higher hash rates lead to better network performance. Decentralization of hashtags strengthens the security of the Chinese bloc. When the hash rate of a network increases, it means that miners find mining operations in that network more attractive. When hash rates decrease, miners disconnect their devices due to low profit margins. The chart below shows the trend of atrium hash rates in recent years.

What is an atrium hash rate?

As you can see in the graph, the atrium extraction hash rate has reached its lowest point. The 862 hash rate is currently 10% lower than last month’s hash rate.

The main reasons for the reduction of atrium hash rate

CryptoQuant believes there are several important reasons to reduce Atrium Network hash rate. The first factor is the obvious decrease in the income of miners. This decline in revenue is due to the sharp fall in the price of digital currencies. Miners pay their current expenses in dollars, so the dollar value of Atrium will be directly related to their expenses. Atrium’s dollar has fallen 40 percent in the past month.

The second reason for the decrease in ETH hash rate is the increase in operating costs. Rising electricity prices are affecting the activities of miners.

The third reason is the future integration of Atrium with the Proof of Shares (PoS) network, which means that Atrium miners will have a time limit on ROI.

These factors have led to a sharp decline in the mining profits of many miners. By reducing hash rates, miners are selling some of their devices to recoup costs. At the time of writing, Atrium is priced at $ 1,230. The market price of the famous Altcoin increased by 12% in the last seven days. The cryptocurrency has lost 40 percent of its value since last month.

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